Reinventing the possible.

Renuvion® is the most advanced technology that currently exists to effectively treat sagging and moderate excess skin.
In a single session you can obtain results that no other treatment can offer you.

What is Renuvion®?

Renuvion® is a device for surgery and aesthetic medicine that causes controlled heating of the deepest areas of the skin, causing a contraction of the tissue and a considerable improvement in the quality of the skin.

Why choose Renuvion®?

Because it is the only treatment that can achieve up to 60% skin retraction with almost imperceivable scars.

How does it work?

Helium plasma is generated by ionizing a gas (helium) with energy (radio frequency). This plasma heats the tissue to the ideal temperature to cause collagen shrinkage, instantly and permanently. In addition, this temperature drops almost instantly to the basal body temperature, making this procedure safe.

Important to know

Renuvion® is a minimally invasive and safe procedure. The Renuvion® effect does not go away. It can be performed under local and / or general anesthesia, depending on your doctor’s recommendations. It can be done in combination with liposuction or alone. You will be able to return to normal life a few days after the procedure.


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