5 Tips for a Speedy Recovery After High Definition Liposculpture

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High Definition Liposculpture is more than just a surgery. It’s a project where you partner with your surgeon and medical team to get the results that you wish for.

1. Post-operative massage

Post-operative massage is extremely important for patients who undergo High Definition Liposculpture. After surgery, the natural response of the body is to fill the space where fat was removed with fluid. If this fluid stays, it can cause fibrosis, which is scar tissue that can cause tissue hardening and might lead to irregularities.
The goal of the massage therapy is to mobilize this fluid towards to the closest lymph nodes to the treated areas. In the abdomen, fluid is mobilized towards the inguinal lymph nodes. In the chest, towards the axillary lymph nodes. Massage therapy should be continued until swelling has resolved.

2. Compression garment

At IMAGN institute we recommend you use the compression garment for only 3 weeks. After 3 weeks, the risks outweigh the benefits.

3. Exercise

At IMAGN institute in Barcelona, we recommend that our patients resume full exercising 3 weeks after surgery. Exercising is the best therapy to mobilize swelling, prevent fibrosis, enhance your results and makes you feel better.

4. Diet

In the immediate post-operative period, drink plenty of water. Do not think that this will make you swell more, on the contrary, your body needs this fluid to recover.
High protein diet (fish, meat, chicken), vegetables and fruits should be the mainstay of your diet. This will provide your body with all the necessary dietary ingredients to recover and continue improving.

5. Follow-up

Follow-ups with your surgeon on a regular basis is very important to keep track of your recovery. Some post-operative imperfections, whether minor or major, can be addressed more successfully if evaluated in a timely fashion.


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Dr. Ahmad Saad

Dr. Ahmad Saad

Medical Director – IMAGN Institute, Barcelona

Diplomate, American Board of Plastic Surgery
Asst. Prof. of Plastic Surgery – University of California, San Diego

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