Aesthetic surgery, also known as cosmetic surgery, are procedures to improve the face and body. Aesthetic Facial surgeries include interventions to improve the appearance and sometimes function of different facial structures.

The procedures


While raising the eyebrows, a brow lift, also known as a forehead lift, can help rejuvenate your facial expression, re-open tired-looking eyes, and smooth out wrinkles on your forehead. This procedure can be done through small incisions hidden in scalp known as endoscopic browlift.

Cheek Lift

By raising the cheek tissue and restoring a young face shape, a cheek lift treats early signs of aging. It restores fullness, softens wrinkles, and smooths facial skin by removing skin folds between the nose and cheeks. This low-risk surgery uses minor incisions to raise any droopy lower lid-to-cheek junction, removing fat bags, restoring midface volume, and restoring our natural contour and young cheek shape. You will notice long-lasting results and a quick recovery. This procedure can be done through a small incision hidden in the scalp (known as endoscopic cheek lift) using a small camera.

Chin Augmentation

Often known as chin enhancement, is a low-risk aesthetic surgery treatment that enlarges the chin’s size and prominence. It aids in the development of a well-defined and proportioned jawline, resulting in a more pleasant aesthetic appearance. This can be achieved using a small implant or through the transfer of your own fat tissue.

Eyelid Surgery

Also known as blepharoplasty, restores the delicate balance of your eyes’ position, tone, features, and shape to give you the most natural look possible. It can be done as an ambulatory procedure, sometimes using local anesthesia.


Both men and women develop lines and wrinkles as they age, as well as drooping tissue, decreased skin elasticity, and the loss of young fat from the midface. Facial surgery, also known as rhytidectomy, can considerably alleviate these obvious indicators of aging. While it will not slow down the aging process, it will restore your face’s and neck’s youthful appearance. It is best described as a combination of treatments that include a lower and mid-face lift, a brow lift, and sometimes eyelid surgery to address the signs of aging. Our team of board-certified surgeons at IMAGN INSTITUTE will exceed your expectations by restoring a smoother, more defined, and more youthful face and neckline.

Fat Transfer

Sagging skin and wrinkles aren’t the only changes a face goes through as it ages. Changes in your face can occur as early as your 20s as a result of a loss of facial volume caused by loss of fat tissue and by a decrease in collagen levels. These might have a big impact on your face expression. Because collagen is a crucial substance that supports the underlying dermal structure, reversing the aging process with natural, long-lasting outcomes necessitates restoring that support. Our professionals can help you reverse the aging processes by restoring the support of the deep structures of the face by using your own fat tissue, resulting in increased facial volume, improved appearance, and natural-looking, long-lasting effects.

Neck Lift

It’s not uncommon for your neck to show signs of age before your face. Alternatively, dramatic weight reduction can often result in the sagging appearance of extra skin in that area. If you want to improve the shape of your neck, a neck lift might help you achieve a more natural appearance. This method addresses the appearance of a fat neck, jowls, or the “turkey waddle.” It tightens the neck’s structure and muscles while simultaneously removing excess skin and fat.


Otoplasty, or ear surgery, is one of the few plastic operations that is performed on both young children and adults. Its purpose is to change the shape, size, position, prominence, and symmetry of the ears, as well as to repair abnormalities caused by injury or disease. Having aesthetic concerns with your ears can contribute to teasing in early childhood, as well as lifelong self-consciousness and shyness in adults.
Our board-certified surgeons can safely and effectively execute this treatment on both children and adults as young as five years old. By adjusting the ears to create a more pleasant facial contour, we restore the balance and harmony of the face.