Breast Enhancement Using Fat Transfer


Breast enhancement and shaping can be achieved with breast fat transfer for a more natural approach to more voluptuous curves.

You can now achieve those long-desired voluptuous curves through a more natural process that utilizes your own fat cells to add the fullness you so crave. Autologous fat transfer is a process by which fat is removed from one area of the body and placed into the breasts to create a sexier upper body contour.
The fat transfer process involves a number of steps, and we have optimized all of them to ensure the highest quality outcome. From the harvesting of the fat from areas like the abdomen, hips and buttocks, to processing the fat and preparing it for injection, our surgeons use innovative techniques to maximize the fat that is removed while creating a smoother, leaner contour in the treatment area.
Through clinical studies and medical research, our surgeons have identified how to increase both the quantity and quality of the fat cells removed to ensure there is an ample supply for the augmentation process.

Are You a Candidate for a breast fat transfer?

To qualify for breast augmentation via fat grafting, you must have sufficient areas of unwanted fat to use for the transfer process. Removal of fat cells is usually done in larger areas like the abdomen, back, hips and thighs. Our surgeons can remove fat cells from more than one area at a time to provide ample cells to work with and to sculpt multiple treatment areas in a single procedure.
Breast augmentation through fat transfer offers the following:
  • Increase in breasts by about one cup size
  • Subtle results that are long-lasting for most patients
  • Correction of minor imperfections and asymmetries in tandem with augmentation
  • No incisions and no visible scarring on the breasts
  • Breasts look and feel natural, using your cells for augmentation
  • No worry over implants rupturing over time
IMAGN INSTITUTE offers a variety of options for breast augmentation, so if fat transfer is not a good fit, we can suggest an alternative technique that will meet your cosmetic goals.

breast augmentation via fat grafting approaches

The harvesting of fat for the transfer process can be done through a variety of state-of-the-art liposculpture procedures offered.
  • Laser-Assisted Liposculpture
  • Ultrasound-Assisted Liposculpture
  • Power-Assisted Liposculpture
Our experienced board-certified surgeons will choose the best technique for you based on the treatment area, the amount of fat to be removed, and the amount of sculpting desired.

The procedure
at a glance

icon clock wht

Surgery Duration

1 to 3 hours

icon local anesthesia wht


Local or general

icon hospital stay wht

Hospital Stay

Not required

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Time off work

1 week

The Recovery Process

You will be able to go home within hours after your fat transfer procedure. Bruising and swelling are normal after this process, but oral pain medication will help keep you comfortable for the first few days. You should feel ready to return to your regular activities within about one week after your treatment.
While you will see results of both your liposculpture and breast enhancement right away, the results will continue to improve in the weeks following your procedure. The area sculpted with liposuction will appear leaner and smoother, while the breasts will take on a fuller, natural shape. You will also see your confidence increase as you begin to enjoy wearing clothing you previously avoided due to unhappiness about your appearance.

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