Non-Surgical Hand Rejuvenation


Diminish the signs of aging from your hands through a combination of injectable treatments and laser skin rejuvenation.

While anti-aging treatments usually center on the face, this is not the only area to reveal changes over time. The hands, vulnerable to frequent sun exposure and environmental damage, begin to show signs of aging with thinning skin, protruding veins and the appearance of brown spots.
Rather than hiding your hands under gloves, consider a hand rejuvenation treatment to achieve a smoother, more youthful appearance.

Are You a Candidate for a hand rejuvenation procedure?

Some concerns that might bring you to look for a hand rejuvenation procedure include:
  • Thinning skin that makes veins looks as if they are bulging
  • Loose skin that leads to wrinkling of the backs of the hands
  • The formation of pigmentation known as age spots or liver spots

Hand Rejuvenation approaches

Dermal Fillers

These injectable formulations are administered just beneath the surface of the skin to add fullness and volume to hands that have become thin and hollow. The solution is placed into the underlying dermal layers using a small needle that causes little discomfort during the procedure. Results will be seen right away and can last for many months before needing another round of injections to maintain your new look.

Fat Transfer

We can also inject your fat cells into the backs of the hands to create smooth volume. This procedure offers the double benefit of removing unwanted fat from another area like the abdomen, thighs or hips. The fat is eliminated using one of three liposculpture techniques that leave a smoother, sexier contour in the treatment area. Harvested fat is then processed and prepared for injection into the hands in a similar fashion to dermal fillers. Another advantage of fat transfer is that the injections are much longer-lasting, saving you from the need for periodic treatments to maintain your positive results.

Laser Resurfacing

If brown spots and other pigmentation issues are your primary concern, laser procedures are available to smooth away the imperfections and create a clearer skin surface. These treatments can also be performed without the need for anesthetic in many cases, and usually require no downtime afterward. Results may last for months or even years for some patients. This procedure may be combined with injectable treatments to create a more dramatic appearance.
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The Recovery Process

You will be able to return to regular activities right away unless liposculpture was performed. The latter procedure requires a recovery period of about one week to give the treatment area ample time to heal. The results of liposculpture are permanent as long as you do not gain weight after your procedure.

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