Buttock Sculpting & Augmentation


Consider buttock sculpting to enlarge and enhance the buttocks for a more feminine, sinuous appearance.

A fuller, more voluptuous backside has become a popular goal for many women today. As rounder buttocks have come into vogue, those who were not blessed with natural curves are looking for ways to add to their body contour. Fortunately, there are different options available in buttock sculpting and augmentation that provide long-lasting, natural size and shape for flaunting in your favorite jeans.
We offer various options for buttock sculpting to help our patients achieve tailor-made results for their body proportions. Whether you decide to move unwanted fat from one area of the body to the buttocks, or use synthetic implants to get the size and shape you want, our board-certified surgeons can help you meet your cosmetic goals. You will be assessed by experts in creating a smooth, feminine, hourglass contour while increasing the projection and size of the buttocks. Our surgeons blend state-of-the-art plastic surgical techniques with the eye of an artist to ensure your aesthetic goals are met to the highest standard, both natural and beautiful.

Are You a Candidate for a buttock sculpting?

Buttock sculpting will address the following concerns:
  • Buttocks that lack shape and fullness
  • Uneven buttocks or imperfections in their contour
  • Buttocks that have lost volume and started to droop over time
  • Self-consciousness about your appearance because of your backside
  • Desire to remove fat from one area of the body while augmenting the buttocks
You may be recommended a buttock augmentation alone or in conjunction with a butt lift to create even better results. A butt lift procedure restores the buttocks to a more youthful position, turning back the clock on your entire body contour.
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Buttock Sculping approaches

Fat Transfer for buttock sculpting

Also known as a Brazilian butt lift, this procedure removes unwanted fat from a host area, such as the abdomen or thighs, and places it into the buttocks to create the fullness and shape you want. The two-step procedure begins with liposculpture to remove the fat and create a leaner, smoother contour in the first treatment area. The fat cells are then purified and placed into syringes to be injected into the buttocks. Our team of plastic surgeons has optimized the steps involved in the fat transfer process to ensure you enjoy the most efficient procedure and the best possible results.

Buttock Implants for buttock sculpting

Alternatively, we can also use synthetic implants to create the curves you desire in your backside. These implants are crafted of biocompatible material, and come in an assortment of shapes and sizes to fit nearly any body proportions. While an incision is needed to place the implants, we know how to place it perfectly to ensure minimal visible scarring after your procedure.

The procedure
at a glance

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Surgery Duration

1 to 2 hours

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Local or general

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Hospital Stay

Not required

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Time off work

1 week

The Recovery Process

Recovery from a Brazilian butt lift is a bit quicker than from a surgery using implants. Patients undergoing a Brazilian butt lift can be back to some regular activities within a week or so, although they must take special care not to put pressure on the buttocks for some more weeks to ensure the best possible results.
Implant surgery usually requires a recovery period of about two weeks, and patients are not able to place any weight on the new buttocks during this time.

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