Chemical Peeling


A chemical skin peeling is a safe and effective treatment to bring out you refreshed, rejuvenated facial skin.

The signs of aging skin can be a thing of the past with help from our array of non-surgical skin revitalization and medical spa treatments, including a regular chemical peel.
Our experienced medical professionals will apply peel formulas according to your unique skin type and tone to target your individual skin flaws, minimize imperfections and take years off your appearance.
Consider a chemical peel a fresh start, removing the damaged outer layers of your skin, allowing it to naturally reform with a glowing appearance, enhancing your entire face.

Are You a Candidate for a chemical peeling?

Men and women who are dissatisfied with the signs of aging skin can benefit from a customized chemical peel. Uneven complexion, dull skin, age spots, or sun damage can be dramatically improved.
Even if you are not yet seeing the early symptoms of aging, a chemical peel can diminish the appearance of injury scars, acne scars, and other skin irregularities that can occur at any age.

The Chemical Peeling procedure

Is a Chemical Skin Peeling Painful?

Although every patient’s reaction to a chemical peel is unique, the usual sensation is of slight stings as the formula works on the upper layers of your skin. The recovery process will vary, based upon the type of formula applied. The deeper the chemical peel, the more sensation.


Regular skin peeling treatments will even skin tone, improve the appearance of aging skin, clear acne and revive your youthful fresh glow. Patients who receive a light to medium peel will notice their skin firmer, more even-toned, and with a general healthy appearance. The results of a light chemical peel usually last months, while medium peels accomplish renewal that can last for much longer.
A deep chemical peel will reduce scars, diminish wrinkles, and firm the skin for a healthier, more youthful appearance. The outcomes of a deep chemical deep are dramatic: patients look revived and rejuvenated. Results of a deep peel can last for years.

What to expect after a chemical peeling session?

Patients who receive a light or medium peel will be able to return to their everyday activities immediately. Patients who receive a deep chemical peel will need to take a day off from their regular activities.
Patients with more sensitive skin may prefer to take up some more time depending on the redness and sensation on their skin.
You might notice that your skin flakes during the recovery period, but it is a natural part of your skin’s renewal process. Patients are advised to avoid sun exposure during their initial recovery period.
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