Breast Revision


A breast revision is a secondary breast procedure that repairs or adjusts the results of your initial surgery.

Whether it is because your cosmetic goals have changed over time, or you want to adjust the size or shape of your implants to accommodate your new expectations, or may be your first surgery has had some complications that require correction later on, seeking breast surgery revision for prior breast procedures is common.
If you would like to revisit prior procedures and change the outcomes, we offer revision techniques to produce better results for you. In addition, we perform implant exchanges for women that wish to change the size, shape, or type of their implants.

Are You a Candidate for a breast revision?

There are many different reasons why you might consider breast revision surgery:
  • You want to trade your current implants for a different size or shape
  • You want to switch from saline to silicone implants or vice versa
  • Your current implant has ruptured, requiring replacement
  • Scar tissue has tightened around your implants, known as capsular contracture
  • You have developed an asymmetry since your initial surgery
  • The nipple has changed position as the implant pulls the breast downward
  • Your breasts have begun to sag or droop, necessitating a lift procedure
In some cases, a simple implant exchange will suffice, but other women may require a more elaborate surgery to address issues and produce the desired results. Our leading medical experts have pioneered breast techniques to help you achieve the best possible outcome, no matter what your specific concerns might be.

Breast Revision Surgery approaches

Implant Exchange

Your current implants will be removed and replaced with new ones. This may be done to change the size or shape of the breast contour, or to switch the type of implant from saline to silicone or vice versa. It is also recommended if one of your implants ruptures.
Our leading doctors have also co-pioneered the Harmonie breast augmentation technique, which produces a smoother, more natural result by placing the new implants between the chest muscle and the fascia, which is the connective tissue that lies between the muscle and the breast tissue.

Implant Removal

You may select to have your implants removed and return to your original breast size. In some cases, a breast lift might be performed at the same time as your implant removal to create a more youthful body profile.

Fat Transfer

Some patients may opt to replace their implants with an innovative procedure known as autologous fat transfer (or natural breast augmentation). This enhancement begins by removing unwanted, excess fat from other areas like the abdomen, buttocks or thighs. The removed fat cells are purified and injected into the breasts to create additional fullness, producing natural, long-lasting results. Our knowledgeable team of surgeons have refined each step of this procedure to create the best outcome for the patient.

Breast Lift

If the breasts have begun to droop and sag, a breast lift may be suggested alone or in conjunction with an implant exchange. This is a common occurrence over time, as the effects of gravity can have a negative effect on the breast contour. A lift will restore the breasts to a higher, more youthful position on the chest.
Every effort will be made to use the same incisions as the original procedure to eliminate additional scarring after the second surgery. Through the incision, the implant exchange will be executed and any other necessary procedures will be performed to create the desired results.

The procedure
at a glance

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Surgery Duration

1 to 4 hours

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General or local

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Hospital Stay

Not required

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Time off work

1 week

The Recovery Process

Breast revision can be done on an outpatient basis, and you will go home with oral pain medication to keep you comfortable for the first few days of recovery. Patients are usually back to their regular schedule within about one week and may resume more strenuous activity after a month or so.

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