Wellness & Beauty Spa

The procedures

Lymph draining massage

Post-surgical manual lymphatic drainage massages can help you heal faster and more effectively. Physical therapy and massage are critical after any sort of surgery to ensure a speedier and less painful recovery. Lymph drainage massages are used to shift fluid from your tissues to your lymph nodes. Swelling is reduced, and the healing process is accelerated.

Body beauty treatments

At IMAGN Institute, we design a unique and individualized aesthetic regimen for each client, ensuring that they receive the best aesthetic treatment possible. Our professionals’ skillful hands ensure remarkable efficacy in every therapy.

Face beauty treatments

Take pleasure in the comfort and elegance of pampering yourself; your skin will thank you. Every one of our treatments has a specific process. They are created based on a previous skin diagnosis, allowing us to follow an aesthetic path that is completely tailored to each individual.