Fat Transfer


Get a facial fat transfer procedure to pump, smooth and rejuvenate your facial contours.

As the years go by, your body produces less collagen and elastin, leading to skin laxity and the development of facial wrinkles. Sun exposure and other environmental factors can add to the damage, and suddenly, there is a much older version of yourself looking back at you in the mirror.
We recommend fat transfer treatments to those patients looking for natural, long-lasting facial rejuvenation. This procedure removes unwanted fat from one area of the body and injects it into the face to smooth away wrinkles and add fullness and definition to the facial profile.

Are You a Candidate for a fat transfer treatment?

Candidates for a fat transfer procedure must have sufficient fat in another area of the body for harvesting. Popular spots include the abdomen, hips and thighs. The removed fat is processed and prepared for injection into the areas of the face in need of rejuvenation. The latter step of the treatment is similar to dermal filler injections, only instead of a synthetic substance, your own cells are used for the transformation.
Fat transfer offers the following anti-aging benefits:
  • Reduces wrinkles in the lower portion of the face
  • Restores fullness and definition to the cheekbones
  • Reverses hollowing in the temple area
  • Stops early formation of jowls due to skin laxity
  • Fills out the area underneath the eyes for a refreshed look
  • Improves quality of the skin
Fat transfer can also be used for a procedure known as a non-surgical rhinoplasty (or nose reshaping) using a combination of fillers and fat to correct minor imperfections and asymmetries in the nose.

The fat transfer procedure

Your surgeon will implement an extremely gentle technique to harvest fat manually (with a micro-fat grafting suction cannula), which only harvests the finest cells and treats them as delicately as possible. The fat cells are processed using a special technique that was developed by our team of aesthetic board-certified surgeons, to separate purified fat cells and growth factors without traumatizing the cells.
Once the fat is removed, you will be able to rest comfortably while we process the harvested fat and prepare it for injection. The injections cause minimal discomfort. If you prefer, a topical numbing cream can be applied to the area first for your comfort. Injections take just a few minutes in most cases.

The results

The beauty of natural fat grafting is that the result is smooth and natural, as the plumping effect is created by transferring your own fat cells to your face.
Facial rejuvenation results from fat transfer will last for many years. At some point, the signs of aging may begin to creep in again, and you may consider another treatment to maintain your youthful look. The results in the areas where the fat was harvested from will also be long-lasting and even permanent as long as you maintain your healthy weight after treatment.

The Recovery Process

Recovery time for this treatment is primarily due to the fat removal process. Swelling and bruising may occur around your incision points, and should subside within a week or two. Most of our patients return to regular activities within one week.
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