Buttock Lift


Enhance, reshape and rejuvenate your backside with a buttock lift.

Gluteal shaping, or butt lift, can enhance the appearance and shape of the buttocks when you start to feel it saggy due to aging, weight loss or genetics. While there are several different techniques that can be used for gluteal shaping, the goal of every butt lift is to make the buttocks more shapely, round, firm, lifted, and attractive.
A butt lift involves removing excess skin and isolated areas of fat from the buttocks, giving you a perkier, more youthful backside without cellulite or wrinkles. This procedure offers results that will last for many years, giving you a high degree of value and satisfaction from a single surgery.

Are You a Candidate for a buttock lift?

A buttock lift addresses the any of the following concerns:
  • Loose skin in the buttock area, due to significant weight loss or aging
  • Buttocks that have begun to sag and droop over time
  • Excess folds of skin, causing discomfort or chafing
  • The formation of cellulite in the buttocks and upper thigh area
  • Feeling self-conscious about your appearance due to changes to your buttocks
A buttock lift alone will not dramatically add volume to the backside, but it can be combined with an augmentation procedure to create more voluptuous curves, while at the same time helping you achieve the lift and firmness you are looking for.
It is important that you are willing to commit to maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle after your surgery to preserve your results for as long as possible.

The procedure
at a glance

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Surgery Duration

2 hours

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Local or general

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Hospital Stay

1 night

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Time off work

1 to 2 weeks

The Recovery Process

There is some pain, swelling and bruising after a buttock lift, but these symptoms can usually be well-managed with oral medication. You will not be able to apply direct pressure to the area for at least two weeks, which means sleeping on your side or stomach. You will also be given a special cushion that will keep you from placing weight on the buttocks while sitting.
You should be returning to many of your activities within a week or two. Strenuous activity could be restricted for a few extra weeks to ensure your buttocks have ample time to heal properly. Swelling and bruising will mostly subside within 2-3 weeks. The results of your buttock lift will be long-lasting as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle after surgery.

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