Pre and Post Op Patient Care

You will be provided with detailed instructions of what to do before your surgery and during your recovery, including ergonomic guidelines, pain management protocol, and scar treatment after a surgery. Further, our trained and certified professionals provide patients with post-surgical massage sessions completely adapted to your unique needs.
Our pre and post operatory patient care packs include:

Lymphatic Drainage Massage After Cosmetic Surgery

You will receive an individualized plan of lymphatic drainage massage sessions to help the body heal faster and ensure a less painful recovery.

A long-term pre-op wellness and healing plan and health restoration program

Surgery is a huge commitment. It requires an investment of your time, health, finances, and overall well-being. You want the best possible results from your surgery and you want to avoid doing anything that would undermine your recovery. We suggest Holistic Health Practitioner Eric Mabie, who specializes in pre-operative wellness preparation and post-operative health restoration. Eric has been working with world-renowned surgeons to create a pre-operative program that sets you up for maximum success. Right after surgery, Eric will teach you cutting-edge techniques to reduce post-operative pain, accelerate your healing, and give you a plan on what to do to improve your surgical results. More important, Eric will show you what NOT to do — actions, if taken, could undermine your surgical results.


“I had liposuction one year ago and I have never been stronger!
I had HD liposuction with the talented Dr. Saad in October 2019. Prior to and immediately following, I implemented Eric’s Accelerated Recovery Plan (ARP). It was not easy, but it was exactly as Dr. Saad had prepared me for.
After completing my 2 months on the ARP, I signed on with Eric for the next 12 months (and beyond) and he initiated my strength training phase of his program. From the first week with the fat removed, I could see results.
With his continued guidance, now one year after surgery I enjoy not only the detailing on my abdomen and back that Dr. Saad provided me, but I am also stronger than I have been in all my 45 years (Seriously, I deadlifted 275lbs/124.74kg last week)! This combination of the perfect surgeon and post-op care by Eric has been truly life changing!

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