Rejuvenate your face with the gold standard in aesthetic face surgery – the facelift.

As we get older, both men and women develop lines and wrinkles, experience sagging tissue, diminish their skin elasticity and lose youthful fat from the midface. These visible signs of aging can be significantly improved by facial surgery, also called rhytidectomy. While it will not stop the aging process, it will bring back the more youthful appearance of your face and neck. It is best described as a combination of several procedures which tackle the signs of aging through a lower and mid-face lift, a brow lift and sometimes an eyelid surgery. At IMAGN INSTITUTE, our team of board-certified surgeons, will bring back a smoother, more defined and more youthful face and neckline to exceed your expectations.

Are You a Candidate for a facelift?

The suitable candidates are men and women, who have begun to notice the signs of time on their face. Some of the primary concerns which would bring patients to our medical center would include:
  • Excess of skin or fat in the neck
  • Muscle tone loss and sagging skin in the lower face
  • Wrinkles and deep facial creases
  • Fallen, displaced fat and tissue
  • A facial profile that has lost definition
  • Loss of confidence due to your aged appearance

Facelift approaches

Full Facelift

A full facelift is a standard low-risk surgical solution employed to tackle moderate to severe signs of aging on the face. This procedure addresses face aging concerns, including skin laxity, deep facial creases, and the sagging of tissue in areas like the midface and along the jawline.
The procedure involves small incisions made within the hairline and around the natural creases of the skin around the ears. Excess skin is removed, while underlying structures are repositioned to bring back the youthful you. Any possible scars remain virtually invisible while you will take at least 10 years off your current appearance.

Mini Facelift

Recommended for the treatment of mild to moderate signs of aging, the mini facelift employs even smaller incisions that the full facelift, to ensure faster recovery. The incisions are made in the natural skin creases around the ears and extend behind inside the hairline. The areas affected are mostly the same as those treated through a full facelift.

Neck lift

A neck lift can be performed individually or simultaneously with any facelift procedure to achieve best results. The procedure removes sagging skin from the neck area through a small incision around each year and underneath the chin. This is the recommended solution to tackle that “turkey wattle” look that does not compliment your image.

The procedure
at a glance

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Surgery Duration

2 to 3 hours

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icon hospital stay 2e

Hospital Stay

Not required

icon time off work 2e

Time off work

10 to 14 days

The Recovery Process

Most patients find the recovery from a facelift much more tolerable than expected. You will be prescribed painkillers, if needed. Our surgeons will also instruct you on the use of ice packs and head elevation systems while lying to reduce the bruising and the swelling.
Most patients report that they have successfully returned to their normal routine within 2 weeks of the surgery, when most of the swelling and bruising is practically invisible.

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