Mohs Reconstruction


Mohs micrographic surgery is a highly specialized surgical treatment for skin cancer removal that offers high success rates and a superior aesthetic outcome.

Nonmelanoma skin cancers, which include basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma, affect about one in every five people, according to statistics from the Skin Cancer Foundation. Because sun exposure is the most common culprit with these skin cancers, you will frequently find them on visible areas of the skin such as the face and neck. While surgical removal is an effective treatment option, patients are often concerned about the cosmetic results.
Mohs surgery is a precise excision method that removes all of the cancer cells from the area while preserving as much healthy tissue as possible. The procedure eliminates the cancerous tissue in very thin layers, inspecting each layer underneath a microscope to ensure that all of the cancer is eradicated. Once a tissue layer shows only healthy cells, the procedure is complete and the area is sutured closed. Our team of board-certified surgeons is trained in Mohs surgery reconstruction, and you can be confident that our knowledge and experience will ensure that you achieve the best cosmetic results.

Are You a Candidate for a Mohs Surgery?

Mohs surgery is an appropriate option for nearly any nonmelanoma skin cancer. There are numerous advantages to this procedure over other types of treatment like cryotherapy and standard surgical excision.
Mohs surgery reconstruction is particularly appropriate for the following situations:
  • Cancer is in an area where cosmetic results are a significant concern
  • Cancerous area is exceptionally large or lacks well-defined borders
  • Recurrence is a concern or cancer has already recurred at least once
  • Scar tissue complicates the excision process
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The procedure
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Surgery Duration

Depends on surface affected

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Hospital Stay

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Time off work

Depends on the procedure

The Recovery Process

Certain soreness or tightness are normal right after your Mohs surgery reconstruction. We will prescribe you pain medication to ensure that the recovery process is comfortable after the surgery. You will go home with instructions on how to care for your incision to make sure that your healing process is smooth and complication-free. Any side effects, such as bleeding, bruising or swelling, should subside within a matter of days. The better your incision heals, the less conspicuous your post-operative scarring will be.

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