Fat Transfer to Face


Facial fat transfer, or fat grafting, is a highly effective rejuvenation treatment which brings back lost volume to your face.

Sagging skin and wrinkles are not the only changes that a face confronts over time. The loss of facial volume due to a collagen levels decrease often causes alterations in your face as early as in your 20s. These can significantly alter your facial expression. Because collagen is an important substance supporting the underlying dermal structure, restoring that support is essential to reversing the aging process with natural, long-lasting results.
We are experts in this innovative technique and we can successfully reverse aging processes by restoring the support of the underlying dermal structure of the face thus boosting the facial volume, improving your appearance and securing natural and long-lasting results.

Are You a Candidate for a fat transfer?

A candidate we would consider for this type of surgery would be noticing the signs of aging and especially the loss of facial volume which might change their appearance and expression. The candidate must also have sufficient fat on their body to be able to extract the necessary quantity for the transfer. An added benefit of this facial rejuvenation technique is that you would enjoy an additional liposuction treatment in other problem areas where the fatty tissue does not respond to diet and exercise.
Facial rejuvenation by fat transfer can combat the following signs:
  • Facial areas that have become sunken or hollow
  • Shallow scarring and fine lines
  • Bags or dark circles under the eyes
  • Wrinkles around the forehead, nose or mouth
  • Asymmetries or imperfections that throw your facial features out of balance
  • Signs of aging that have made you self-conscious about your appearance
Fat transfer offers comparable results to dermal fillers, but has the ability to create a permanent change to your appearance. Our surgeons will assess your specific aging issues to determine whether fat transfer will be sufficient in helping you achieve your goals. In some occasions additional or alternative treatments might be suggested in order to reach top results.

Fat Transfer approaches

There are different options available for the fat removal process. Our board-certified medical staff will choose the best option based on the zone of the fatty tissue and the amount needed for the transfer process.
All of these procedures normally do not require hospitalization and are commonly done with a simple local anesthesia. There is minimal incision and trauma of the surrounding area resulting in a rather comfortable procedure with a very quick recovery period.

The procedure
at a glance

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Surgery Duration

1 hour

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Hospital Stay

Not required

icon time off work 2e

Time off work

1 week

The Recovery Process

Mild discomfort could be experienced after the facial fat transfer. You will be prescribed pain medication to help you overcome that and feel more relaxed. We also advise that you sleep with an elevated head for the first several days after the treatment. You might experience some slight temporary numbness around the injection sites which will go away within the following days.
You should be ready to go back to your routine within a week after the treatment. Swelling should have disappeared by then and you would be able to see your refreshed self.

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