PAL® High Definition Liposculpture


The PAL® High Definition Liposculpture creates and enhances the natural muscular anatomy for the beautifully sculpted look and muscle definition you desire.

When diet and exercise fail to yield the results you desire, you may find yourself becoming rather demotivated. If you want to eliminate those stubborn fat deposits and have the peace of mind that your procedure will help you achieve a slimmer, more toned physique you might be looking for PAL® High Definition.
This revolutionary, minimally invasive procedure is a more effective and safer way to eliminate unwanted fat without harming the surrounding structures. Unlike other types of liposuction, this technique removes small volumes of fat following the natural muscular structure of your body to reveal a more defined anatomy with minimal harm to the surrounding tissue.

Are You a Candidate for a PAL® High Definition Liposculpture?

The PAL® High Definition Liposculpture technique may be used to treat areas of excess fat in the stomach, buttocks, hips, ¨love handles¨, saddlebags, thighs, calves, ankles, back, arms, neck and breasts (including male gynecomastia, or breast reduction).
Our surgeons are best suited to determine if you are a candidate for PAL® High Definition Liposculpture. Yet, here are a few indications that may help you decide:
  • You have “diet resistant fat” that will not go away with food regimes or exercise
  • You have fat deposits that are out of proportion with the rest of your body
  • You have poor definition of the underlying muscles and bones
While this treatment is often able to achieve dramatic results, the best candidates are close to their ideal weight and have good overall skin elasticity.
PAL® High Definition is an innovative and advanced surgical technique used by a select group of surgeons.
We use the PAL® High Definition Liposculpture technique to sculpt and contour the abdominal muscles (6-pack), chest, back, legs and neck of our patients, delivering long lasting astonishing results.
At IMAGN INSTITUTE in Barcelona we not only have the necessary technology to ensure the best results for our patients. Our Medical Director, Dr. Ahmad Saad, is a pioneer of this technique (PAL®-HD) which is gaining increasing popularity worldwide. Our surgeons have trained hundreds of visiting surgeons from all over the world and have written multiple scientific articles and book chapters on this technique.

The procedure
at a glance

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Surgery Duration

2 to 4 hours

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Local or general

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Hospital Stay

Not required

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Time off work

1 week

The Recovery Process

With the PAL® High Definition Liposculpture technique the recovery time has been greatly reduced. We recommend that you remain at rest for 24 hours after the procedure. Your surgeon will prescribe pain medication to make the healing process more comfortable. We will also provide you with a special compression garment you should wear for 21 days after the surgery. Most patients will return to their regular routine within 1 week of the procedure. Most of the swelling is usually gone in six weeks, but it is important to note that the final results of your PAL® High Definition Liposculpture will not be fully apparent for several months.


One of the procedures that we perform the most at IMAGN Institute is high definition liposculpture. We have patients who travel from all over the world for our professionals to perform their surgeries. This is mainly because our medical director, Dr. Saad, is the pioneer of PAL-HD liposculpture, and of course, our incredible results and patient care.


PAL, Renuvion (J-Plasma), VASER, LASER are all different technologies used to achieve the sculpted look of the body.


PAL relies on mechanical energy to gently break fatty tissue into small fat packets and aspirate them with minimal damage to surrounding structures. Due to its ultra-precise movement of the cannula tip, it allows the surgeon to precisely sculpt the body, showing and enhancing the underlying body structures, without appearing artificial.


VASER is based on ultrasonic waves that break down fat through its thermal energy.


LASER depends on thermal energy also delivered through its beams. The use of Renuvion, also known as J-Plasma, is not intended to reduce the volume of fat, but to stimulate skin contraction through its radiofrequency waves. J-Plasma is often used at the same time as other liposuction technologies when the patient has skin laxity, or can be used without liposuction when indicated.

It's simple, we are pioneers of the PAL-HD liposculpture techniques. After treating more than a thousand satisfied patients, training hundreds of surgeons from all over the world, publishing book chapters and scientific articles on high definition liposculpture in the most prestigious international plastic surgery books and journals, the facts speak for themselves. . At IMAGN institute we will help you achieve your goals and the results you want, with a strong emphasis on safety, naturalness, and the most comfortable recovery possible. With us you won't get the artificial 'chocolate bar' abdominal look. Our ultimate goal is to give you the level of definition you desire while respecting your own personal anatomy and putting a smile on your face.

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