Cheek Lift


Choose a cheek lift to bring back your youthful appearance, your prominent shapely cheeks and your smooth facial skin.

A cheek lift surgery is a gratifying and revitalizing procedure that improves the appearance of the cheeks and mid face. With age, face muscles grow weaker and the facial tissues sag, leading to the cheeks losing their definition and creating a “hollow face” appearance.
A cheek lift addresses early signs of aging by elevating the cheek tissue to restore a youthful face shape. It eliminates the skin folds between the nose and cheeks to restore fullness, soften lines and smooth facial skin. This low-risk procedure with minimal incisions will lift any droopy lower lid-to-cheek junction thus, removing fat bags, restoring the volume of the midface and regaining our natural contour and youthful shaped cheeks. You will perceive durable results and fast recovery.

Are You a Candidate for a cheek lift?

Candidates for a cheek lift are men and women who have minor loose skin and sagging in the midface, heaviness below the cheeks and hollowness underneath the eyes. Some other common concerns of our cheek lift patients include:
  • Loss of volume or definition in the cheekbones
  • Displacement of fat and tissue in the midface
  • Loose skin causing facial wrinkles and creases
  • Desire to reverse signs of aging and increase your self-confidence
imagn aesthetic surgery cheek lift candidate

Cheek Lift approaches

Open Cheek Lift

For patients exhibiting more advanced signs of aging, an open approach ensures the complete removal of excess skin while repositioning the fat and tissue underneath through small incisions above the ear, inside the hairline. Thus, we successfully revive your youthful appearance and reduce the laugh lines around your mouth. Sutures are then placed in the fat pad as it is pulled back up to its original position to make any possible minimal signs of the intervention invisible.

Endoscopic Cheek Lift

This less invasive surgery is conducted through the insertion of an endoscopic camera through micro incisions to reposition the cheek tissue and restore your youthful face contour. No skin is removed, making this approach hedonic for younger patients and subtle corrections.

Fat Transfer

If cheek augmentation is deemed necessary, additional fat tissue can be transferred to build the desired fullness of the area. The procedure involves the removal of unwanted fat from another part of the body and inject it into the cheek area of the patient in a similar fashion to a dermal filler. We ensure a natural long-lasting result for a spectacular refreshed look.

The procedure
at a glance

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Surgery Duration

1 to 3 hours

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Local or general

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Hospital Stay

Not required

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Time off work

4 to 7 days

imagn aesthetic surgery cheek lift procedure

The Recovery Process

Recovery from a cheek lift will depend on the technique used for your procedure. Patients undergoing an endoscopic cheek lift are often back to regular activities within 5-7 days, while open cheek lifts can take 1-2 weeks before you are ready to get back into action.
Bruising and swelling are common with both techniques, and will subside within a matter of days to weeks. Once the side effects are gone, your results will be fully apparent and last for a number of years.

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