Men are seeking facial plastic surgery to regain an energetic look without losing their unique features.

Men undergo the same natural ageing processes as women. They can be just as motivated to address the signs of aging, yet often, the results they are looking for are different.
Men want to refresh their appearance through a male facelift without losing sight of their masculine identity. They are hoping to turn back the clock while maintaining their rugged, distinguishing features. Most of all, men do not want it to be obvious they had plastic surgery performed. It takes a surgeon skilled in operating on the male face to give men the results they want.
The team of board-certified plastic surgeons of IMAGN INSTITUTE can help you achieve your goals for subtle, understated improvements that create a naturally younger looking face.

Are You a Candidate for a male facelift?

A surgical facelift for men may be the right choice for you if you are concerned about any of the following:
  • Skin laxity that leads to the formation of jowls along the jawline
  • Loss of volume in the midface that causes hollowing under the cheeks
  • Submental fat underneath the chin and loose skin on the front of the neck
Our team of board-certified surgeons will carefully evaluate your situation to determine whether a male facelift is the right surgical choice for you.

Male Facelift Considerations

Incisions and Hairlines

While incisions for a female facelift are made around the ear and in the hairline, this placement does not work for men due to their facial hair. Our surgeons, expert in male facelifts, will place the incisions to ensure a natural facial hairline, as well as normal positioning of sideburns. Incisions will be carefully integrated to minimize any visible scarring after your procedure. At the same time, we know that a man’s skin tends to be thicker and more vascular, so specific male-oriented facelift techniques are used to make your procedure both safe and effective while achieving your specific aesthetic goals.

Focus of a facelift surgery for men

Men are not as concerned as women with smoothing away all the lines and creases that give them a more distinguished look. However, they do worry that jowl formation along the jawline interferes with their strong, masculine profile. Sagging skin around the neck is also a common worry for men, but they want the result of surgery to correct the “turkey wattle” without compromising the integrity of the lower face.

The procedure
at a glance

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Surgery Duration

3 hours

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Hospital Stay

Not required

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Time off work

1 week

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The Recovery Process

There is some swelling and bruising after a facelift, but discomfort is typically minimal with this procedure. You will be sent home with detailed instructions on how to minimize side effects and care for your incisions during the early days after your procedure. While men usually feel ready to return to activities within a week or so, some choose to wait a bit longer to ensure that signs of the surgery have completely subsided.
The results of your facelift will be evident right after surgery and will continue to improve as your face heals fully. Your refreshed appearance should extend for a number of years, particularly if you protect your skin from the sun, and use high-quality skin care products. Over time, you may begin to see aging symptoms creep in once again, prompting you to seek additional treatments to maintain your masculine younger look.

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